绚烂 前言 作者姜纬,2014年8月 在摄影提供给我们的格局中,我们越是看到未经重新安排的生活,我们就越能够感受到自己在接触真理。我相信,付羽的拍摄方向,是将我们引向真理,而不是将真理引向我们。他的作品,正在完美地贴合于摄影自身的理想海拔。 生活驱驰人们在固定的框范内周旋,并没有施予太多僭越的可能,摄影只是这样的可能之一,付羽也只是把光、感觉和心绪映照在相纸上,但已足够渡他嵌入命中焕景,证明摄影可以在湮没人海、庸碌一生以外,让生活的气象盛大绚烂。 SPLENDPUTRID Preface Jiang Wei, August, 2014 In the structure that photography offers to us, the more we see raw, unmanipulated life, the closer we feel to the truth. I believe that the direction of Fu Yu’s photography leads us to the truth rather than leading the truth to us. His photographs perfectly reach the ideal altitude of photography itself. Life drives us to circle around within a determined frame giving few possibilities to surpass, and photography is one of them. Fu Yu reflects light, feelings, and emotions onto the photographic paper, which transitions into the real world and proves that photography can make life tremendously splendid or putrid despite the mediocrity of the day to day.
 付羽 1968年出生于辽宁兴城。1993年毕业于鲁迅美术学院。现居北京,自由摄影师。 2011-2012年在中央美术学院美术馆举办个展“习作:付羽银盐练习”并在多个城市巡展 2012年获得第六届AAC艺术中国·年度影响力艺术家摄影类大奖。 出版有《四季平安》、《银盐习作》,第三本书《绚烂》将由C14画廊为其印制。 Fu Yu is a freelance photographer currently living and working in Beijing. He was born in Liaoning Province, China in 1969 and graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. In 2011-2012 he had a solo exhibition, “Photographic Studies by Fu Yu” at the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) and at itinerant exhibitions in multiple cities across China. He received the Photography Award in 2012 at the 6th AAC (Award of Art China) in the category of the Most Influential Participants of Chinese Art. Fu Yu has two publications, “A year Without Disturbance,” “Photographic Studies,” and a third book, “Splendputrid” to be published by C14 Gallery. A book pre-sale and signing will be organized before his exhibition opening.