C14画廊成立于2013年,是中国为数不多专注摄影艺术的画廊之一。其以C14 Studio——国内首批哈内姆勒数字影像认证工作室为前身,携手国内外一流摄影机构、艺术家、策展人、评论家及收藏家,致力于为摄影艺术创造精良的学术氛围与展览环境。C14画廊成立迄今已举办逾20场展览和项目,其中包括Andre Kertesz,Imogen Cunningham,Wynn Bullock,Christopher Makos,莫毅,付羽,Anderson & Low和张晋等国内知名艺术家的展览。C14画廊曾参加过2014年、2015年及2018年Photofairs Shanghai,并在上海斯沃琪和平饭店艺术中心承办2015中英文化交流年英国文化季大型项目之一的“母亲河”摄影艺术展。未来,C14画廊将持续呈现高品质的展览和项目,独家代理国内外重要艺术家并保持长期紧密合作,与全球知名的公共机构、企业和私人艺术收藏家保持良好的互动与合作。

No.218 Wending Rd. Shanghai





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Founded in 2013, C14 Gallery is one of the few Chinese galleries that are dedicated to photography. It evolves from C14 Studio, one of the first Hahnemühle certified studios in China, and commits itself to creating a fine environment for the exhibitions and academic studies of the art of photography. Since its establishment, C14 Gallery has presented over 20 exhibitions and projects of artists that include Andre Kertesz, Imogen Cunningham, Wyn Bullock, Christopher Makos, Mo Yi, Fu Yu, Anderson & Low, Zhang Jin, etc. C14 Gallery has participated in 2014, 2015 and 2018 Photofairs Shanghai and held ‘Mother River’, a photography exhibition, which was part of the English Culture Season in the 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange. C14 Gallery will persist in presenting top-quality exhibitions and projects through exclusive representation of Chinese and international artists and close collaboration with the artists, enterprises, art collectors and public institutions.